Barbara Gabriel has been offering private consultations, and leading workshops for more than 25 years. She has worked with thousands of people in many walks of life, with diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

Barbara Gabriel

"I believe every soul born to earth has a path, a journey, a story, a life worth living. My job is to help one enhance that path, that journey, by inspiring inner growth, encouraging healthy choices, change, and by empowering self transformation. I wish to open the windows of the heart and soul of each Being to the beauty of their inner life, bringing love, peace, healing, and joy to our world. I believe each of us has everything we need to live happy, healthy, productive lives; it is our right! And it is my gift to help you remember how to access your own inner wisdom, allowing growth, creating joy, and a deep sense of peace, security, love, and connection!!"

I am dedicated to truth, and the discovery of the self.