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"I am sharing the ideas with friends who want to grow..."

"I learned important tools and methods for manifesting and creating my life the way I want it. All the ideas were easy to understand and were fully explained. I enjoyed the real life examples that made the ideas easier to apply to my own circumstances. I'm sharing the ideas with my friends who want to change and grow. Thank you!!"

- Katie S.


"Your wisdom and love comfort me..."

"I have been a client of Barbara's for over 18 years. Through all my life events, I have found great comfort in her words and advice. I am often overwhelmed that she can so quickly pin-point what needs to be done. She gives structured feedback and offers valuable steps to address my issues."

- Anne O.


"She helps bring clarity and purpose..."

"Barbara is more than a 'life coach.' She helps bring clarity and purpose when I can't seem to focus on what is unsettling me. Her voice alone is velvet and I often listen to her recordings for their therapeutic value."

- Jody T.


"You were so helpful to me at such a difficult time..."

"Things are moving here, and your CD is really coming in handy. I've learned a lot in a short period of time. Thank

- Meryl K.


"She has a way of seeing inside your very heart..."

"In this world of chaos and uncertainty, it is a great relief to have Barbara to turn to. She has a way of seeing inside your very heart. I am always grateful and relieved after a session with Barbara. I'm thrilled she decided to record her sessions so I can listen to her calming voice when I am stressed, or can't sleep."

- Amy D.


"She has taught me how to be more calm, joyful, peaceful, and loving..."

"A session with 'Babs' is definitely like therapy blended with energy work. I booked an appointment with her not knowing what to expect, after hearing about her practice from a friend. She could "see" or "read" me, and knew where I was in life along with where I've been, how my family dynamics are, answers to life questions I was searching for, and she gave me the most amazing tools (exercises, imagery, books, journals, etc). It is the most amazing and mind opening therapy I have ever experienced, and I was instantly on a more positive path. She has taught me how to be more calm, joyful, peaceful, and loving. I am so fortunate to know and work with her, and I am honored to share her with others."

- Christie M.


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