Insight, tools, and techniques to unlock doors into your soul!

"The point to all my teaching is to create and broaden communication between the Universe and you; to allow a deeper connection with the Universe inside you, around you. This allows the heart and soul to open safely to its own Divinity, and creates a deep understanding of how your Universe works in you, with you."


Loving ourselves and our world:

~ A simple, deep look at ourselves, and our lives.
~ Practical tools to awaken and inspire the self.
~ Create better relationships from the inside out!


~ Explanations and basic tools to move forward in the creation process.
~ Explores some common blocks, and offers solutions to release them.

Auras, Energy Flows, and Chakras:

~ Basic overview of energy patterns.
~ Tools that can uncover the internal and external energy fields.
~ Identify energy stresses and find ways to release them.
(Limited class size.)

Past lives, Reincarnation:

~ Basic overview of the lifetime after lifetime phenomenon.
~ Opens an opportunity to experience the remembering process.
~ Learn how to heal other lifetimes from here and now.
(Limited class size.)

Our teachers, guides, angels:

~ Comprehensive overview of the ethereal world around us.
~ Identifies your angels, guides, teachers, and how they work with you.
~ Tools to help to access answers from the ethereal world.
( Limited class size.)


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